Facts of life

Discussing the birds and the bees with your child could be the key to protecting them from sexual abuse. The more you teach your child from a very young age about the facts of life, the better. Teenagers are usually willing to talk about it, if the parent is willing to answer their questions. When explaining to teens about the facts of life, always go over all of the available methods of birth control. Do not be afraid to give your child condoms. Most teenagers would rather get them from home, than the school nurse or the store. Always be open to talking about anything your child want to. If they really want to know, then they will eventually ask someone. They may not give them the right information. It is better if the get the information from you.

"You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have the facts of life." What true words were spoken for the theme song of the show appropriately called "The Facts Of Life." This was a popular show in the 80's. It was based on the life of a group of girls at an all girl boarding school. They didn't have their parents to show tell them all about the facts of life. It was great to watch them learn and deal with all the issues, that affect teens today. More schools are requiring that sexual education and parenting classes be part of the required coarse's.

Another fact of life, is that most likely your child will be offered drugs at one time or another. What would your child do? Have you told them about all the drugs. Marijuana is the one most mentioned, and it is probably the safest drug out there. Parents focus on marijuana and leave out the important drugs like speed, crack, cocaine. These drugs are mixed in bath tubs and garages using different chemicals. These drugs are also the more addictive ones. Make sure you sit your child down and have a talk about all of the facts of life. Don't leave any thing out and remember to listen to your child. How can you expect them to listen to you if you are not hearing what they have to say?

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