Facts about Mars

Of all the planets in the Solar System, Mars is the one people believe is most likely to contain or have contained life. Facts about Mars show, that the largest volcano in the Solar System is on the red planet. It is called Olympus Mons. Mars like Earth, has polar caps containing frozen Carbon Dioxide. Facts about Mars can tell us how long Mars has been a dead planet, by the number of meteorite impacts on it's surface. Mars has seasons like Earth. This is caused by the tilt of the planet's axis. Mars is the fourth planet from the sun, and the seventh largest. The sun appears half as big on Mars as it does here on Earth.

The first space probe sent into orbit to take pictures of Mars's surface is still in space, orbiting the sun. Mariner4 was launched in 1964. We still have several space probes orbiting Mars sending us images and helping us discover more facts about Mars.

There is very clear evidence of erosion in many places on Mars including large floods and small river systems. At some time in the past there was clearly some sort of fluid on the surface. Liquid water is the obvious fluid but other possibilities exist. There may have been large lakes or even oceans; the evidence for which was strenghtened by some very nice images of layered terrain taken by Mars Global Surveyor. Most of these point to wet episodes that occurred only briefly and very long ago. Facts about Mars show the age of the erosion channels is estimated at about nearly 4 billion years. However, images from Mars Express released in early 2005 show what appears to be a frozen sea that was liquid very recent as soon as 5 million years ago . Confirmation of this interpretation would be a very big deal indeed!

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