Facts about Japan

Although slightly smaller than California, Japan boasts a population of 127,333,002 (July 2004) with an average life span of 81.04 years. Having such a significant amount of people can have an adverse effect on a land with little resources besides fish. Facts about Japan show, the people have turned their volcanic islands into one of the most influential and interesting places in the world. From being almost devastated by World War II, Japan quickly became the leading industrial nation in eastern Asia with only the United States producing more.

Japan has four main islands (Honshu, Hokkaido, Kyushu and Shikoku) and numerous smaller islands with Tokyo as the capital. Japan is also recognized by natives as Nihon Koku, Nippon Koku and Nihon or Nippon. These names literally mean the source of the sun or the land of the rising sun. Now let us observe why the pride that radiates from the Japanese is certainly not in vain.

The facts about Japan and their high technical resolution coupled with their strong work-ethic results in an unprecedented growth of Japan as the 2nd most technologically powerful economy in the world after the US and the 3rd largest economy after the US and China. Like every economy Japan has it's up and down, but for three decades overall real economic growth has been phenomenal, facts about Japan show a 10% in the 1960s, a 5% in the 1970s, and a 4% average in the 1980s.A basic successful strategy of their economy is the working together of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors in closely-knit groups called keiretsu. Another feature has been the guarantee of lifetime employment for the primary urban labor force. Although Japan has to import most of its resources, it has one of the world's largest fishing fleets and boasts 15% of every global catch. In term of technology let's just say out of the 720,000 working robots there are in the world, Japan has 410,000.

Yet, even with all their success,the simple facts of Japan, is a troubled land: Japan has numerous volcanoes, around two hundred and many earthquakes year round. There are three minor earthquakes every day of the year.

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