Facts about Benjamin Franklin

Born in Boston on January 17, 1706, Benjamin Franklin quickly became one of the most influential men of his day. As a famous man who was often written about, there is no shortage of facts regarding his life and achievements. While in Boston he embarked on one of the pursuits that would later help him gain notoriety. He began working in the printing industry and eventually took an interest in the newspaper business. It wasn't long though before he traveled to Philadelphia, the location of his gravesite and memorial.

Franklin was not just a businessman. Other facts about Benjamin Franklin include that he was a productive scientist, philosopher, musician and inventor. He is often remembered through a tale that recounts his flying a kite in a lightning storm as the discoverer of electricity. While this may not be entirely true, the invention of the lightning rod can be attributed to him. Other notable inventions include the Franklin stove and bifocals, which he invented to help remedy his own vision problems.

One of the most important and influential facts about Benjamin Franklin is that he was a loyal statesman. He had a fervent interest in political matters and was loyal to England until he became disgusted by increasing corruption in the royal government. At this time he set his sights on establishing the United States of America as a separate and independent nation. He was elected to the Second Continental Congress and played a key role as one of the United States' founding fathers. Franklin, as a member of a small committee, helped draft the Declaration of Independence and later was one of the notable signatories of the Constitution.

Facts about Benjamin Franklin's later years also highlight his role in the government. He served in the position of ambassador to the Court of Louis XVI in France where he was beloved by the people. Franklin was also a man of great foresight. In the century before racial tension helped bring about the Civil War, he proposed anti-slavery legislation.

On April 17, 1790 at the age of 84 he passed away.

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