Fact of Italy

A land somewhat bigger than Arizona with a population of approximately 58 million pasta lovers; the birthplace of one of the world's greatest religion. Others fondly call it Christianity while others claim it as Catholicism. Italians know it better as the Roman Catholic.The religion is a fact of Italy that cannot be disposed. Despite the continuous growth of some middle-aged Protestant and Jewish communities and a gradual expansion of the Muslim immigrant community, Roman Catholic remains the country's predominant religion.

A progressive country with only an estimated 8.6% unemployment rate, Italy's economic growth had clearly surpassed the once high unemployment and lethargic economic growth that can be traced way back in the nineteen hundreds. However, as much as it continues to free itself from the bondage of economic flux, it is still a fact of Italy to have a divided economic status. Throughout the past decade, the progressive northern part of Italy was considered as the developed industrial area while the south has a less developed economy with an alarming unemployment rate of twenty percent. Nevertheless, Italy stands proud with its zero population below poverty line. Even with a staggering economic development, the country aims to provide its people with their basic necessities.

The main labor force of the country is focused on services, which forms sixty-three percent of the total labor force. This fact of Italy reflects the country's primary source of employment and GDP as per composition by sector. On the other hand, the republican form of government continues to be a fact of Italy that differentiates them from the other countries. Its leadership stands firm amidst the various economic disorders. Just like any other country that is suffering from an imminent financial dilemma, Italy is determined to instigate competitiveness and long-term growth through various government reforms so as to lighten the burden. In due time, the country is expected to exceed the present per capita income through sustainable development. This is, indeed, a fact of Italy that is being manifested in its strenuous campaign against poverty.

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