Car facts

There are over 600 million car facts floating around.That's too many to list so here are just a few of them.
Most repeated Car Fact- That the pioneering Model T came only in black.

As in 1916 the Model T accounted for half of all car sales worldwide, then it can be safely assumed that black was the most popular color of the era. Not so now, as of 2002 Silver is the current top choice with 32%. A long way from its heyday black is now back in third with just 10%.

The first Car Fact ever- The first car offered for sale was "The Benz" in 1887; it took another 10 years for the first commercial car insurance policy to be sold.I don't think it would take as long for the insurance companies to catch on nowadays!!

The most congested Car Fact- Incredibly the average speed of any car traveling along an LA freeway dropped from 60 to just 17 MPH in only ten years from 1972-82. Though this was due in part to the lowering of the speed limit to 55 MPH in 1974 as a response to the worlds' oil crisis, the main factor was a sharp increase in the ownership of private cars. This probably also explains why LA county is the 3rd most dangerous place for pedestrians in the world today.

Most utterly useless Car Fact- Your boot (trunk) is the part of your vehicle most likely to be bitten by an insect. This is not because your boot is made of some secret edible material, but because it is the coolest part of your vehicle.

*That's one Car Fact per car currently racing around the planet. Or to put it another way, that's 10 people per car. Maybe that is why in 2002 SUV's accounted for a third of all motor vehicles sold in the U.S. As typically they can carry 4 passengers plus cargo, then if all the cars owned in the world were SUV's then almost everybody on the planet could take a ride in one. Give or take a tight squeeze or two in the cargo hold!!

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