Bubble gum facts

Why is bubble gum pink? Bubble gum facts show that the first successful bubble gum was pink because that was the only color the inventor had left. The color stuck, and today bubble gum is predominantly pink. The first patent for chewing gum was issued in 1869 to William F. Semple, a dentist from Mount Vernon, Ohio. It wasn't until the early 1900's, that William Wrigley Jr. became one of the first to promote the sale of branded goods through advertising. Wrigley's new spearmint gum quickly became a best seller. It is still one of the popular gum flavors today, sharing the lime light with cinnamon and peppermint.

Bubble gum facts show that the first bubble gum cards were issued in the 1930s. The pictures ranged from war heroes to wild west figures to professional athletes. The Topps Company became famous by offering baseball cards in packages of gum and sponsoring bubble gum blowing contests among ball players. Bubble game facts also show that after World War II ended that Topps developed its Bazooka Bubble Gum product in Brooklyn, New York. Bazooka is also famous for the popular series of Bazooka Joe comics, first introduced in 1953 to add extra interest for youngsters. This helped make bubble gum sales go through the roof. Now you can find bubble gum in a wide variety of trading cards.

Bubble game facts are easily searched on the internet. For instance, have you ever wondered about the biggest bubble ever blown? The largest bubble ever blown was 23 inches in diameter. The record was set July 19, 1994 by Susan Montgomery Williams of Fresno, CA. She made her place in bubble gum facts history, when she was entered in to the Guiness Book of World Records in 1998. Bubble gum facts show that this chomping treat, is here to stay.

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