Animal facts

If your looking for amazing animal facts, you have found them. There are so many of them I have tried to find the most interesting. Did you know that the porpoise is second to man as the most intelligent animal on the planet? I was suprised to find out that rabbits and guinea pigs can't sweat. Skunks can accurately spray their smelly fluid as far as 10 feet, and the life span of a squirrel is about nine years. Another suprising animal fact is that human birth control pills work on gorillas. I also wasn't aware that you could tell the sex of a horse by the number of it's teeth. Males have 40 and females only have 36. Lions are one of the speediest animals and they spend about 20 hours a day sleeping. Dragonflies can travel up to 60mph. Did you know that a giraffe can go longer without water than a camel can?

Blue whales weigh as much as 30 elephants. They are as long as three Greyhound buses. The blue whales heart is the size of a small car. An orca whale can hold it's breath for up to fifteen minutes.If you place a tiny amount of liquor on a scorpion, it will go mad and instantly sting itself to death. How many eye's does a bee have? The answer is 5. There are 3 small eyes on the top of it's head and two larger ones in front. Animal facts show that mosquito's are attracted to the color blue twice as much to any other color. But don't worry, only the female mosquito's bite.

What about elephants? I uncovered some great animal facts about them too. Elephants can hold up to two gallons of water in their trunks. They drink an average of 80 gallons of water every day. Elephants can live to the age of seventy or older. They can not jump and one of their teeth weighs up to three kilograms. There are so many animal facts available now on the internet, there are just too many to list.

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